That vision you have? The one that keeps taking up space in your head daydreaming, and keeping you awake at night with “what if I could…”

That vision is yours to foster, yours to hold on to, yours to start taking action on. It is REALLY nice when you have someone who sees, understands, and believes in your vision with you, but don’t let yourself be held back by being the only one who sees it. Repeat: do NOT be held back by being the only one who sees it.

There is a magic combination of holding the vision, letting the details fall into place without controlling them, and taking action to create the space for your vision to become reality.

And the first step in that creation is total belief in yourself.

The silent mantra to power up when someone tells you you can’t do something?
“Yes, I can.” 

There were so many years when people would tell me what I wanted was impossible. That it wasn’t for me. That I was dreaming, I wasn’t capable, and that it would never happen. And for so many years – ugh.  I believed that story – the one that kept me feeling and acting small.

It changed one day when I did something that blew my own mind: I had my first born at home, in six hours, in complete peace. And in addition the overwhelming joy of that moment and experience, I got rocked with this subconscious, knowing whisper of “if I can do that, I can do ANYTHING. So what ELSE can I do?”

That paradigm shifting experience carried over into all aspects of my life, and gave me the confidence and self-assuredness to try new things – even hard things – and after each one I got more confident, and more self-assured.

Each one gave me proof that actually I was super capable of so much more than I thought it had been told, and replaced someone else’s version of who I was. And eventually, with enough practice, THIS became my narrative: yes, I can. Even in the face of adversity or overwhelming odds against me, now I know to trust myself/the process/the unseen to rise up, figure it out, and live in the dance of make it happen/let it flow.

If you want it, and if you truly believe you are worthy of having it, I think you can actually do anything. Yes, you can.

You only have to do it for you. You only have to prove it to yourself. You only need validation from the one in the mirror.

And still…it’s pretty fun to defy expectations. 

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