How to mindfully grow your business (and yourself)

The desire for self-improvement is legit and noble. It’s a commendable intention to want to show up, fully present, as ourselves – in our business, life, and love. But sometimes there is a tipping point, where we go from wanting to become better because we know who and what we can be – to wanting to be better because we feel like we aren’t enough.

If we’re constantly chasing “better” for its own sake, it tends to be the result of unfaced feelings and fears of being inadequate. Personal development fuelled by that “lack” thinking becomes a safe place to hide in those fears, without ever having to challenge ourselves to stop and confront those deep fears head-on. It’s “I will never be good enough” masked at “look at what I am doing to improve myself!” Subtle, but significant.

What is the intention behind your action? Are you buying the books, signing up for the courses, without ever following through? Are you stuck in the “after I do this THEN I will…” pattern of thinking? Or are you leaning into becoming the most authentic version of you by choosing a thought leader, and taking action in your own life? The latter is very different (and way more purposeful) than the high that comes from feeling like you’re “working” on yourself, but never really gathering the courage to dig deep in what that really means.

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Ask this of yourself, and let the answer come to you peacefully without judgment: are you focused on the pursuit of happiness…or the happiness of pursuit? Investing in YOU is a noble pursuit; do it with intention, purpose, and wisely guided action. And investing in yourself is a lifelong practice; it’s a marathon, not a race.

The first step to make yourself, your life, your biz fantastic? Start by noticing everything that already is. 

It’s easy to get caught up in – and focus on – what we don’t have yet, or what’s going wrong. Remember to stay focused on what you’ve already created, and all that’s going so well.

This is a year of growth. Of expansion. Of leveling up by staring down your fear and fostering the confidence that wants to come out and slay.

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That level of growth takes focus. It takes energy, discipline, and consistent consistency. That kind of energy will fuel your purpose, and if left to its own devices, it will drain you, too. It’s crucial to support your growth by appreciating that the rest is also a part of the work.

Sometimes doing nothing is the most important thing you can do. Let yourself slow it down today.

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