That Time I Got Cast to Be On TV…

This just in: I’ve been cast for Season 2 of The Social Movement, an intention-centered reality TV series airing on Amazon Prime TV.

60 experts in their field – from across the world – will come together this summer, break into teams to come up WITH AN ACTUAL SOLUTION TO A REAL LIFE WORLD PROBLEM – and pitch our solutions to a team of judges. ⁣

And they’re capturing it all on film…so you KNOW there’s going to be a plot twist in there. ⁣

I am PASSIONATE about the #rippleeffect, and The Social Movement is next level ripple effect, with next-level impact. I am so excited I can barely breathe as I write this. ⁣

And grateful. And nervous. And amped. And confident. And keen. And scared shitless 😂 in the BEST POSSIBLE way. ⁣

Watch the trailer HERE and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


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